Giving the Green Light to Medicinal Cannabis

The potential therapeutic qualities of merchandise derived from cannabis has been discussed and utilised for centuries.

GreenC Medical are establishing themselves at the forefront of innovative global evidence based research within the field of medicinal cannabis

They support fresh original perspectives with their pioneering research that aims to strengthen Australia’s understanding of the monumental benefits associated with specifically designed cannabinoid based products.

GreenC Medical strongly advocate the safe, consistent introduction of cannabinoid based pharmaceuticals to alleviate the relentless anguish suffered by countless people who have medical conditions that are ineffectively treated.

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Our Mission Statement

Through excellence in strategic relationships, GreenC Medical aims to increase medication effectiveness and reduce medication wastage through researching and developing innovative ways of digitising biological data and matching it with organically grown medication

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The focus for GreenC Medical is to provide, within their vison and philosophy, effective information systems that are responsive to the needs of...


GreenC Medical’s purpose is to ensure that all management, stakeholders and representatives have appropriate knowledge and skills imparted to...