The vison and ethos underpinning the interdisciplinary team of professional leaders known as GreenC Medical, is dedicated to advancing and establishing pioneering outcomes to contribute and promote a healthier Australian community, and ultimately, global population.

This will be achieved through biomedical research in line with recognized impact objectives, regarding the introduction of medicinal cannabinoid alternatives within the healthcare sector.

One primary focus, is how GreenC Medical propose life quality enhancement for our ageing population by examining and investigating unsuccessful and incapacitating medication regimes and polypharmacy.

Furthermore, GreenC Medical together with our affiliate Wardmm’s research data base, analyse the percentage of detrimental and destructive side effects of current pain medication combinations, their ineffectiveness, thus highlighting the extreme risk this poses to health and quality if life.

Our commitment challenges the boundaries existing in current and new technologies, hence is dedicated to utilising evidence based research and clinical trials to support interventions that emphasise innovation and development of fresh patents and products.

GreenC Medical’s supportive approach, and collaborative, compassionate framework, not only demonstrates the ‘problem’, but delivers the ‘solutions’ by expediting collaborations between research and health information into improved clinical care, and superior guidelines.

We are paving the way forward to recognition of the abundant benefits and promise related to the specifically generated strains, measured dose medications, compounded from natural organic plants.

By operating closely together, we represent a culture of excellence, concerning front-line, forward-thinking medical advances, by integrating an inspiring medical discipline, a unique person centred care philosophy, and a commitment to supremacy and excellence.

GreenC Medical’s inspirational perspective regarding medicinal cannabis is a powerful catalyst to revolutionary change, whilst ensuring our inherent purpose constantly advocates the maximisation of health, comfort and well-being of our existing and future population.



We engage in the uppermost ethical principles, representing morality and impartiality at all times


We are committed to excellence in all areas, as demonstrated by our exceptional team, merchandises, and service.


We adhere to the highest standards of excellence and quality, by functioning within full regulatory compliance


We make inspiration an approach to daily life, turning dreams into triumphs. We constantly improve to achieve and determine leadership.


We build affiliations and partnerships within and outside of the organization, by the transparent and robust exchanges of concepts and information.


We respect each other’s strengths and diversity by acknowledging each other’s uniqueness.