Cannabis technology helps patients, society

By: Seth YakatanAugust 20, 2016

Rolling a five pointed joint is one innovation, but science is finding many new high-tech ways to help cannabis patients.

When it comes to technological developments in the widely varied cannabis industry, some come about due to the natural instinct to innovate, and some come about as a necessity to adapt with the ever-changing landscape that is the medical and recreational cannabis space. Over the years, businesses, researchers, advocates, and everyone in between has had their crack at assisting in ushering in new technologies and practices.

These products and practices aim to appeal to people that look directly towards this industry for a worthwhile livelihood, compassionate care-taking, or simply to look upon it with a scrutinous eye to ensure its held accountable. Some products and practices have been met with great appreciation while others have fallen to the wayside. In my opinion, certain developments have made positive, meaningful changes to the industry that have assisted those greatly who consider themselves stakeholders.

One of the biggest steps forward to take the legal cannabis industry out of the shadows is the access to laboratories & testing: safety, consistency, and results based testing of patients should be the norm for recreational and medicinal products. Just like with food, alcohol, and prescription medicine; there is a need for impartial product testing as well as patient results based examination. As advancements in this specific sector of the industry come about, those that look to cannabis for relief the most become increasingly aware of what remedies work best, and how to be compliant in the use of them.

Another major step forward that has helped the various stakeholders associated with the industry is the presence of industrial cultivation. Greenhouse technology, genetic advances, growth optimization techniques, and improved nutrient quality create optimal harvest environments. These advances serve to create a more economically efficient, safe, and consistent set of products for user and distributors.

One of the biggest issues facing the cannabis industry is the presence, or lack of proper E-Commerce channels for consumers and providers to safely work within. As the trade of cannabis is still prohibited on a federal level, safe and secure means of accessing banking services is a difficult task for a company even remotely close to touching cannabis to achieve. As new platforms come about in which people can buy/sell product legally according to state rules, invest in companies with financial promise, or simply give a company a place to securely store and keep track of their revenue; the industry will scale while also becoming safer for everyone involved.

There are an endless amount of advancements taking place in cannabis that are also taking place in more traditional markets, from new and improved advertising technology, to mobile and on-demand platforms for ease of access (consumers) and compliance (retailers), to highly innovative research initiatives looking to find the next big break in the science of healing. As the industry continues to grow, inquisitive minds will continue to poke and prod at the plant that started this culture and community so long ago.

As long as that culture, and those in the community that benefit from it are continuously considered as innovation occurs, the end result will always provide for those that invest their time, energy and trust into cannabis.
Seth Yakatan is the CEO of Kalytera, a company developing synthetic CBD drug candidates to treat Osteoporosis, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and Obesity.