CannaTech 2017

A spectacular and captivating event. Thank you to iCAN, Saul, Josh, Sari, Sarah and all the wonderful crew, for hosting such a provocative and epic seminar.

And especially for flying me over to attend and take part in such an epic event. I was privileged to share the joy.


The fabulous diversity at the conference was such a delight to see, and the perspective was one that was magnificent and dynamic in its intensity.

What a vast array and assembling of people from all walks of life, cultures, career paths –  all with the same vision.

To make a difference and create change to benefit humanity.

You cannot get better than that.

It is only with true compassion and empathy that this dream shall become a reality.

The truth is now being given a much stronger voice and those advocating the green shall ensure our community no longer suffers needlessly, from conditions that destroy their lifestyle and cannot be managed by traditional methods.

Thank you for living the dream.

IMG_2467  IMG_2465

Download Leah’s CannaTech 2017 presentation

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