GreenC Medical is an Australian based biotech research company that creates clinically approved medicines through organically grown materials and converts it into a pharmaceutical.

The company’s core driver is to generate pharmaceutical products that matches the individual biological requirements of its consumer.

It achieves this through an innovative medical delivery system and data matching process that is based on the biological imprint of its recipients, and by forming key partnerships to fulfil the biological need to pharma cycle.



We engage in the uppermost ethical principles, representing morality and impartiality at all times


We are committed to excellence in all areas, as demonstrated by our exceptional team, merchandises, and service.


We adhere to the highest standards of excellence and quality, by functioning within full regulatory compliance


We make inspiration an approach to daily life, turning dreams into triumphs. We constantly improve to achieve and determine leadership.


We build affiliations and partnerships within and outside of the organization, by the transparent and robust exchanges of concepts and information.


We respect each other’s strengths and diversity by acknowledging each other’s uniqueness.